Call of Duty Mobile vs Pubg Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile vs Pubg Mobile – Full Comparison

We are running Call of Duty Mobile Online Generator here. I am writing an article on Call of Duty Mobile vs Pubg Mobile. You are here to choose the best mobile shooting game to play. Millions of people running COD Mobile and Pubg Mobile on their devices. Both are trending right now on Google Play Store & Apple Store that you can download from there. Both have around 100+ million downloads on both stores.

First, you have to choose Smart Phone with a minimum of 3 GB Ram then you able to play these games. If you got a gaming mobile with more specifications, it will be good for your gaming experience. I have played these games on Samsung Galaxy J6 with the specification of 3 GB Ram with an android pie version. But you will face lag issues with fewer features smartphones.

As you have read the title of this article, I am going to write a comparison on Call of Duty Mobile (in short COD Mobile) & Pubg Mobile (Player’s unknown battleground). I have installed both video games on my device and both games are really great that’s why I am writing this article. So let’s begin with a smile 🙂

Call of Duty Mobile

 Pubg Mobile vs Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile is an online multiplayer shooter video game. It has more than 100+ million downloads on both stores. The official release date of COD Mobile is October 1, 2019, worldwide. It is trending no. 1 worldwide right now on both game store. The game is developed & published by Tencent games.

Tencent Games is a Chinese company & it also developed PUBG Mobile. There are so many reasons to play COD Mobile. So right now here we are talking about the Call of Duty Mobile. Before getting any positive points about this game let’s a have look at gameplay.


Call of Duty Mobile Season 2 is available right now & it’s an online multiplayer shooting game. Currently, it supports Zombies, Multiplayer, Battle Royal, & Sniper Challenge modes. You can play this game with these awesome game modes. So let’s brief these modes in detail:

  1. ZOMBIE MODE: There are three options are available Normal Raid, Hardcore Raid, & Survival. You can choose as you want.
  2. MULTIPLAYER MODE: It is a 5v5 battle game & six options are available to play the game:  Frontline, Team DeathMatch, Free for All, Domination, Search & Destroy, & Practice vs AI. There are seven different-different Maps are available that you can choose.
  3. BATTLE ROYAL MODE: On the same map 100 players will land & collect weapons from empty houses. You have to survive until the end. You can play SOLO, DUO, & SQUAD by inviting your social media friends.
  4. SNIPER CHALLENGE: You have to complete all challenges with Sniper & survive until the end.

You can unlock the five different-different loadout by completing challenges. Your level will increase automatically when you complete your mission. The 70% part of the game is paid & you can unlock the CP Points and level by spending money from wallet or bank. From the store, you can buy Guns, Guns Skin, Crate, & CP Points.

Nothing to worry we have already launched COD Mobile CP Points Generator using our link. I have been written COD Mobile gameplay in a detailed summary.

No Lag Issue

As you all know the game is build & published by Tencent Games company. COD Mobile is super smooth & there isn’t any lag issue related to this game. You can play this game in the low network as I have experienced. The game is light weighted & faster than other games.

That is one of the major facts of this game that’s why millions of people playing it. The game is 99.9% faster & smooth. You will love this game as I told you. You can even play Call of Duty Mobile with fewer specifications of smartphones. I am running COD Mobile on Samsung Galaxy J6 & it is amazing.

Maps & Graphics

COD Mobile Graphics

The option is available to set your graphics as per your smartphones. You can choose your graphics from the setting button & it will show your default setting. The graphic of COD Mobile is extremely amazing. Even low graphics give you a better gaming experience in the game.

Low, Smooth, HD, HDR, & Ultra HD options are available in the graphics setting. So you can choose as per your needs. You can also choose BR Mode Graphics Style: Realistic, Dynamic, & Standard.

The different types of maps are available in this game.


COD Mobile Characters

There are three characters are available in Call of Duty Mobile:

  • Scout 2
  • Special Ops 3
  • Special Ops 1

You can choose one of the characters for your game & dressed them as you want. So they are the characters of Call of Duty Mobile. You can dressed them as you want.

PUBG Mobile – Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Pubg Mobile vs COD Mobile

Player’s Unknown Battleground in short PUBG is an online multiplayer battle royal game. It is developed & published by PUBG Corporation. The initial release date of Pubg Mobile is 9 February 2019 worldwide. The game is inspired by the 2000 Japanese film Battle Royale and created this film into the game idea by Branden. The game is free-to-play for Android and IOS users.

You can download PUBG Mobile directly from Google Play & Apple Stores. The game is in-app purchase means around 70% of the part is paid. Don’t worry you can use PUBG Mobile UC Hack from one of our online generators. So don’t worry about it 🙂

More than 100 million people have downloaded the game. It is no.1 mobile game of the year 2019 and hopes it will remain the same in the year 2020. People are really crazy about this game as we all know. So let’s have a look at the gameplay of Player’s Unknown Battleground (Pubg):


The number of 100 players will land on the same island and you have to survive until the end. A player should have to collect weapons, health kit, bandages, scope, & refill from the empty house. The Player can be looted by the enemy after the death of a player. You can play SOLO, DUO, & SQUAD modes in the PUBG Mobile.

You have to complete daily or monthly challenges to increase RP. The RP is count in the number 1-100 & can purchase from the game. There are different-different maps are available in different sizes.

Game Modes

Pubg Mobile Modes

Season 10 is currently available and there are 3 modes only. Let’s know more about it:

  1. Classic Mode – In the classic mode, you have to survive until the end. You can play this mode with four different maps: Erangel. Miramar, Sanhok, & Vikendi.
  2. Arcade – Quick Match, Sniper Training, & War mode is available in this. You can play it with TPP or FPP.
  3. EvoGround – RageGear TDM, RageGear Pickup, Payload x War Mode, & Payload Modes are available in this. So must try.

There are many variations available in Pubg Mobile. So you have to understand all the things about it.


Pubg Mobile Maps

The locations are different in sizes and weather:

  • Erangel
  • Miramar
  • Sanhok
  • Vikendi

These are the four different maps you can enjoy in the game.


Pubg Mobile Graphics

You can choose your own graphics settings from the game. There are different types of graphic setting is available like Smooth, HD, HDR, & Ultra HD. First, check your smartphone compatibility. The game needs a strong mobile network to not face any lag issue.

The game has so many glitches as you can see videos of YouTubers. You can even die while landing from the jet. So there is nothing special to write about graphics.


We are writing here about Call of Duty Mobile vs Pubg Mobile and here we came to know Call of Duty Mobile is better than Pubg Mobile in some terms. As we have compared Graphics, Maps, Players, & Gameplay. So you know the better differences between COD Mobile and PUBG Mobile. So enjoy the game 🙂

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